Sending Deadlines

Have a student interested in travelling on AFS? Here are some deadlines to be aware of:

  • Deadlines are April 1 for most summer AFS Programs.
  • There are several summer programs that include Community Service; here are a few to consider:
    1. Hungary – 2 weeks, explore Budapest and live with a host family.  Visit refugee camps and get to know the people who work there.
      “Then you’ll take part in your own volunteer project by helping refugee children tell their stories through art and creative writing.”
    2. Panama – 4 weeks, live with host family, volunteering in school and/or community organizations, attending Spanish classes, visiting historic sites.
    3. Costa Rica – 4 weeks, second and third week you will live with host family, work on projects such as rain forest preservation or community development, explore the land & culture
  • A Scandinavian group is willing to provide a small scholarship for a student going on AFS to a Scandinavian country – but we don’t have anyone applying! For more information, contact Karen Powers.

These excellent programs can bolster a college application. More info at: