Study Abroad


Ever heard about The AFS Effect?

Over 400,000  alumni AFSers worldwide can relate to what is commonly dubbed #AFSEffect...
Now it's your turn!

For over 65 years, AFS has been sending students into the adventures of their lives as high school exchange students. Never before has it been so important to be culturally competent as a job and life skill! If you are ready to explore a new country, learn a new culture and improve your language skills, consider going on the program of a life time.

Whether its a shorter travel program, an international community service experience or a full high school year in another country, AFS Greater Phoenix will support you as you prepare for your intercultural experience, answering questions and providing orientations that reflect over a half century of accumulated experience.

Find the program that fits your available time (1 week - 1 year), your interests (host family stay, community service, traditional high school or language immersion) and the countries that peak your curiosity!

Local AFS Arizona Contact -

Tom Perica  - 602.696.3807